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Awakening to a new paradigm with Monika Muranyi

On this episode we talk with Monika Muranyi, researcher and archivist of the Kryon material, & Author of 'The Gaia Effect', 'The Human Akash', 'The Human Soul Revealed’ & 'The Women of Lemuria'.

We explore who are we, how the end of some situations open us up to the new, surrendering & opening our hearts, how we all have different paths, the shift that is happening, seeing things from a different perspective, awakening to a deeper truth of interconnectedness, love & light, our connection with Mother Earth, the compassionate mother energy.

Monika talks about being on the path of discovery, the exploration of the soul, her passion to present spiritual concepts in ways that people can interpret, how her path led her to Kryon, being in nature and being a park ranger in Australia & New Zealand, how the end of her relationship with her husband opened her up to a new awakening, being cracked open, how the lights shines through the darkness, & the importance of these times.

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:

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