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Helping the Earth with its marketing with Lina Montero Soto

On this episode we talk with Lina Montero Soto, Founder of Make Eco Easy, on a mission to empower the eco-awkward among us to have eco-nfidence and find eco-joy & brand advertising magician.

We explore auditing our rubbish, changing habits, taking care of our environment, bringing the principles of marketing & advertising to get more people helping the planet, not knowing what is the right thing to do,

Lina talks about her journey, going to a beach clean up that opened her eyes to waste and how she contributes to it, being eco-awkward, creating community with positive encouragement, bringing fun into this space, & her 7 principles to help the Earth. For more about Lina and her work follow her on Facebook, Instagram & https://www.makeecoeasy.com/ and https://www.magico.co.nz/.

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