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Love, inner child, integration & balance with Harrison Meagher

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

In this episode we talk with Harrison Meagher, a Spiritual Love Coach and host of The Cosmic Love Antenna, he is light, and shadow integrated and personified through a life lived from the heart. He helps spiritual beings reconnect to their cosmic heart space and reclaim the remembrance of who they truly are through what he calls, “Mind, Body, Soul Synchronizing.” We explore sharing what we love, what love is, who we are in our essence, the importance of the body, going from healing to integrating, inner child work, what we identify with, raising our vibration, training our minds, what is discipline, taking intentional inspired action, aligning our different aspects, connecting to energies that are shared, we are creating all the time.

Harrison talks about his journey, going through lots of pain in his adolescence, bringing his unique presence to all spaces he shows up to, writing a letter to the wounded inner child, non-judgement, the divine masculine and feminine, balance of giving and receiving, the process of writing his book, and being an antenna of love. For more about Harrison find him on,,, and

Looking for the audio version?

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