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Embracing Mindful & Compassionate Living

Updated: May 23

In the latest episode of the Conscious Action Podcast, host Brian Berneman engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Carly Jean Puch, a passionate advocate for mindful and compassionate living. Carly shares her journey, insights, and practical tips on how we can all live more consciously and compassionately. Explore how mindful and compassionate living can transform our lives and the world around us.

The Power of Connection

Building Deeper Connections

They emphasize the importance of being present and mindful in our interactions. Whether it's through active listening, empathetic conversations, or simply spending time in nature, building deeper connections helps us understand and appreciate the world around us.

Carly Jean Puch's Journey to Conscious Living

From Northern Minnesota to Advocacy

Carly shares her inspiring journey from growing up in Northern Minnesota to becoming a voice for veganism, sustainability, and mental health. Her path highlights the significance of personal growth and the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

The Role of Education

Education played a crucial role in Carly's transformation. She pursued formal education and self-directed learning to understand the systems of oppression and environmental issues. This knowledge empowered her to make informed choices and advocate for change.

The Impact of Individual Actions

Small Actions, Big Changes

One of the key takeaways from the conversation is the power of individual actions. Even small, mindful actions can create a significant ripple effect. By focusing on what we can do within our capabilities, we can contribute to a larger movement for positive change.

Practical Tips for Mindful Living

There are practical tips for incorporating mindfulness into daily life. These include practicing gratitude, engaging in mindful eating, and being intentional about our consumption choices. Such actions not only benefit us personally but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Compassionate Communication

The Importance of Empathy

Effective communication is essential for fostering understanding and positive change. There are challenges of discussing sensitive topics like veganism and environmentalism. They advocate for compassionate communication, which involves asking questions, listening actively, and understanding different perspectives.

Overcoming Defensiveness

Carly and Brian address the common issue of defensiveness in conversations about conscious living. By approaching discussions with empathy and patience, we can create a more open and supportive dialogue that encourages positive action.

Joyful and Authentic Living

Finding Joy in Mindfulness

Despite the serious nature of many issues discussed, Carly emphasizes the importance of joy in mindful living. She believes that approaching these topics from a place of joy and authenticity makes the journey more enjoyable and sustainable.

Balancing Seriousness with Fun

Carly highlights the need to balance seriousness with fun in our approach to mindful living. By finding joy in our actions and staying true to our values, we can maintain our motivation and inspire others to join us on this path.

Continuous Growth and Learning

Embracing the Journey

Both Brian and Carly stress the importance of ongoing personal growth and learning. They remind us that living mindfully and compassionately is a continuous journey, and we should embrace it with an open heart and mind.

Resources for Further Learning

Carly encourages listeners to seek out resources and communities that support their journey. Whether it's through books, podcasts, or local groups, staying informed and connected can help us stay motivated and inspired.

Mindful & Compassionate Living

The conversation between Brian Berneman and Carly Jean Puch offers valuable insights into the transformative power of mindful and compassionate living. By building deeper connections, taking individual actions, practicing compassionate communication, and finding joy in our journey, we can contribute to a more conscious and connected world. Let's embrace this path together and make a positive impact, one mindful step at a time.

Carly Jean Puch is the host of the Consciously Clueless podcast, which assists listeners in discovering the connection between a healthier you and a healthier world through veganism, mindfulness, and a love for the planet. 

Carly aims to create content and a community where you can learn about living a mindfully vegan life. A place where you can show up imperfectly, ask questions, and be ready to change the world.

Sometimes, the world can feel overwhelming, and it might seem pointless. But for Carly, the alternative—giving up—isn't an option. Carly's passion for making a difference started when she was young and was solidified through her education. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women's Studies and a Master's Degree in Social Responsibility.

Carly is a 200-hour registered yoga instructor a certified Health and Wellness Coach and a certified Meditation and Mindfulness Coach. Carly teaches yoga and mindfulness to adults and children in local schools ages 1st to 8th grade.

For more about Carly find her on Instagram, Facebook and

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