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Rewire your brain for lasting change with Zahra Karsan

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

On this episode we talk with Zahra Karsan, Mindset Coach, Neuroscience expert, inspirational public speaker, author of '6 Weeks to Happy' and the creator of the R.E.W.I.R.E system.

We explore neuroscience, living in autopilot, unconscious behavior & beliefs, survival mechanisms, rewiring neuropathways, plasticity & the capacity to change, finding the key to unlock your doors.

Zahra talks about her journey, being fascinated with the human brain, happiness and patterns, writing her book, the R.E.W.I.R.E. System, fear patterns, and creating lasting change. For more about Zahra find her on Instagram, Facebook, & GETZEND on Instagram, Facebook &

Looking for the audio version?

Listen here:

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