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Some Inspiring Whys event

Understanding "why" we are making the choices we're making, creating the life we're creating,

can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

Do you know your why?

Conscious Action presented:

'Some Inspiring Whys' from Sarah Tanner (Greenleaf Organics), Zac Franich (​"The Bachelor") and Hannah Jensen (Contemporary Artist).

Some Inspiring Whys was the very first Conscious Action event and we were blown away with the support of our partners and speakers, and also by the curiosity of our guests. We had a great time hosting and cannot wait for the next event - Let's Talk Rubbish, in August.

We started the night off with mingling and introductions, enjoying delicious snacks from The Larder Project and Plant Culture, beautiful herbal tea from Forage + Bloom and OM kombucha from Organic Mechanic. We then settled into our seats/cushions/couches at The Workshop and heard from three incredibly honest, open, and engaging speakers; each very unique and inspiring in their own way.

Sarah was first up, talking about how she was inspired to start, and commit, to Greenleaf Organics. What began as a smoothie-making project in a one-car garage, is now a popular healthy eating hub within the Auckland food/café scene. Sarah's humour and honesty had everyone engaged and we loved having her as our first ever, Conscious Action guest.

Zac was next, telling us about how he evolved from an athlete focused on winning, to one focused on values while also evolving from the guy who would "never go on The Bachelor", to the guy who now considers the experience one of the craziest most valued parts of his story.

Hannah, the infectiously positive artist, talked about the journey her art has taken her and how she stays present in every moment. Hannah is a living example of gratitude and her zest and enthusiasm for life is seriously mind-blowing. We were so lucky to have her come along and injecting a huge burst of life into our event. Check out her art here.

After being inspired by the three speakers we then moved into the most important segment of every Conscious Action event - the mindful moment. This was where we guided everyone into a place of consideration and personal integration of the topic. At this event, the mindful moment allowed everyone to take some time to turn inward and connect with their own 'why'. We talked about the importance of knowing your why in order to live your most present, purposeful and joyful life.

Next up was the introduction of the Forward Action Challenge, supported this time around by Hunter Gatherer Gourmet. The Forward Action challenge is where we ask a guest to volunteer to 'pay-it-forward' in their community. This challenge was taken up by Javier, a committed dad very much motivated by his daughter Luna. Javier is going to use the donation from Hunter Gatherer Gourmet to share kombucha, and education around its benefits, with her class/school. Follow the Conscious Action social channels and the hashtags #forwardaction and #consciousaction to follow his pay-it-forward journey.

We capped the night off with more mingling, reflecting, laughing and celebrating as we enjoyed the amazingness that is Hunter Gatherer Gourmet desserts. We felt nothing but positive vibes from our budding community, and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did.

Some photos from the event:

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