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Stories of connection to Earth and Remembering with Tom Blue Wolf

On this episode we talk with Tom Blue Wolf, an Elder of the Star Clan of the Eufaula Band of the Anicoosa Tribe among the Muscogee Nation.

He is the Founder and Director of Earth Keepers & Company, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people of all ages on the importance of relationship with the earth and each other. He is a charter member of the World Council of Elders, The Indigenous Healers Association and travels the world teaching workshops, conducting ceremonies, and inspiring hearts with the message of peace and harmony.

He is called a spiritual ecology artist and has been on this walk since childhood. He is a spokesperson for mother earth.

We explore the simplicity of ancient wisdom, being beneficial to the environment, the illusion of separation, the importance of education through ceremonies, rituals and learning about herbal medicine, developing agreements with others, taking care of the waters, how to be in balance, having conversations about the direction we can go, an attitude of gratitude.

Tom talks about his journey, shares stories of reconnection and truth, looking for beauty, kindness over being right, not getting enamored by the coyote and trickster's stories, loving the earth and each other, how much we actually experience, ceremony as a way of life. For more about Tom find him on Instagram, Facebook &

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