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'Tis the season of giving

Updated: Dec 25, 2023

The holiday season is here and we know that, for many that means worrying about gifts; so at this event we took a step back to talk more about GIVING. Its shapes and forms, its importance in our lives and its impact on our communities.

We were so lucky to have been able to host Vi Cottrell, co-founder of Trade Aid and Dellwyn Stuart, CEO of the Auckland Foundation. We explored giving in many ways, from how to give to the homeless through to our closet loved ones, from non-monetary gestures, through to philanthropy. Vi and Dellwyn have had very different experiences with giving, in their careers and in their personal lives and their perspectives were so value in helping our community to explore what giving really mean meant to them.

From Nick, "It was really valuable, I went home and discussed gift giving with [my partner]. I thought it was fantastic, got me thinking deeply which is a good thing I think."

At this event we also got some of our Christmas shopping done, with a variety of conscious vendors showcasing products that brought a little more meaning this year.

Some photos from the event:

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