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Transforming health with plant based food Olivier Mankondo

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

On this episode we talk with Olivier Mankondo, a speaker, author, weight loss and wellness coach with a passion to help people achieve optimal heath.

We explore going through transformations, plant based food, health and sickness, going through a detox when making a diet change, the social aspect of choosing different than what is the norm in your culture, misconceptions and lack of knowledge, unhealthy vegans, processed food, eating a whole food plant based diet, listening to our bodies, a holistic approach, taking small sustainable steps.

Olivier talks about his journey, going through a radical lifestyle change, being obese, sick and feeling bad everyday, being told by the doctors he’d be on medication his entire life and choosing differently, difficulties to change based on beliefs, discovering his purpose, paying attention to symptoms but focusing on root causes. For more about Olivier find him on Instagram, and

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