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Wellness and Healing as a Quick Fix: Understanding the Journey

Updated: Jun 21

In our latest episode of the Conscious Action Podcast, host Brian Berneman dives into the often misunderstood topic of wellness and holistic healing, emphasizing that true healing is a journey, not just a quick fix.

The Misconception of Quick Fixes in Holistic Healing

It's common to seek instant solutions to our problems nowadays. Many people approach holistic healing with the same mindset, expecting immediate results from a single session. However, this perspective is misguided.

Why One Session Isn’t Enough

Holistic healing is not like taking a pill. While one session can indeed have a significant impact, it is not usually sufficient to fully address deep-seated issues. Healing is a process that often requires multiple sessions and ongoing practice to maintain the changes and improvements.

Embracing the Healing Journey

True wellness and healing involve a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. Brian stresses the importance of embracing this journey and being open to both immediate and gradual transformations.

The Importance of Continuous Practice

When we seek healing, whether through energy work, somatic therapies, sound vibration, or mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga, it’s essential to understand that we are addressing the root causes of our symptoms. This deep work can require time and dedication.

Maintaining Change Through New Practices

Many people experience a temporary improvement after a healing session but struggle to maintain that change. Brian advises that to sustain the benefits, we must actively integrate new habits and practices into our daily lives. Living most of our days on autopilot can cause us to revert to old patterns, so conscious effort is needed to create lasting change.

Being Open to the Process

Healing is unique to each individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Brian encourages listeners to be open to their personal journey, to surrender to the process, and to remain intentional and courageous.

The Balance Between Immediate and Long-Term Healing

While it is possible for a single session to catalyze profound change, it’s also important to recognize that some aspects of healing may require long-term processes. Balancing immediate transformations with ongoing work is key to holistic wellbeing.

Wellness and Healing is not a Quick Fix

Wellness and healing are not quick fixes but journeys that require commitment, openness, and continuous practice. By embracing this process and fostering deeper connections, we can achieve true holistic wellbeing and contribute to a better world.

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