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Healing and Creating Changes

Updated: Jul 4

In a world that often feels disconnected, the journey to healing and creating meaningful change can seem overwhelming. However, as Brian Berneman and Lainne Love explore in the latest episode of The Conscious Action Podcast, the path to transformation begins with curiosity, a choice and deep connection.

The Power of Healing and creating changes

Lainne's Journey to Holistic Healing

Lainne Love, an award-winning coach and bestselling author, shares her personal healing journey, emphasizing the significance of curiosity and continuous learning. Her approach to healing is deeply rooted in holistic practices that address the root causes of issues, offering a more rounded and effective path to wellbeing.

Embracing Alternative Healing Approaches

The Limitations of conventional Healthcare

While conventional healthcare has its place, particularly in emergency situations, its focus is on survival rather than genuine healing. They advocate for alternative approaches that ask better questions and employ comprehensive practices to promote overall wellbeing.

The Benefits of Holistic Practices

Holistic healing methods, such as integrated science and energetics, provide a more effective means of addressing everyday health issues. By focusing on the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—these practices can lead to deeper, more lasting healing.

Personal Growth Through Conscious Living

The Role of Curiosity in Personal Development

Both Brian and Lainne emphasize the importance of curiosity in the healing journey. By remaining curious and open to learning, we can better understand our own experiences and emotions, leading to profound personal growth.

Healing Through Self-Exploration

There is a need to delve deep into our emotions and experiences, even when it’s uncomfortable. True healing requires processing and understanding these aspects of ourselves, ultimately leading to transformation and growth.

Conscious Parenting: A Path to Transformation

Open Communication and Emotional Intelligence

Lainne shares her experiences as a mother, discussing the challenges of dealing with her son’s behavior. She underscores the importance of open communication and acknowledging mistakes, which foster emotional intelligence in children and promote healthier relationships.

The Impact of Personal Healing on Parenting

The more we work on ourselves, the better we can show up for our children. By addressing our own judgments and emotions, we can create a more supportive and loving environment for our kids, helping them navigate their own journeys with greater ease.

Creating Meaningful Change in Society

The Ripple Effect of Personal Healing

As Brian and Lainne discuss, individual healing has a ripple effect on society. When we commit to our own growth and wellbeing, we contribute to broader societal transformation. Our personal journeys can inspire and lead others towards conscious living and collective healing.

Empowering Ourselves to Be the Change

By understanding and healing ourselves, we can take conscious action to create the change we wish to see in the world. This journey requires curiosity, compassion, and a proactive approach to personal development.

Embrace the Journey of Healing and Growth

The conversation between Brian Berneman and Lainne Love serves as a powerful reminder that healing and creating change begins within us. By fostering deeper connections, embracing holistic practices, and committing to personal growth, we can lead more balanced, meaningful, and purposeful lives. Let’s empower ourselves to be the change and inspire others to join us on this transformative journey.

Lainne Love is a Spiritual Psychology Coach & Bestselling Author, Leading Edge Healer, Founder + CEO of A Bigger Mission, and Momma.

For more about Lainne find her on Instagram, Facebook and

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